<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/190124091201.jpg?t=1563615733"><br>6095 S Round Turn Drive. Live the western life in Style!! A very nice two-story, 5-bedroom home for sale on 40 acres in Windmill Ranch east of Kingman. 2 Story Hm Barn 40 Acres Horses OK Kingman AZ! An easy drive to the city from your own country spread. Solidly built home - red iron steel structure and steel framing studs on the interior. The home has either 5 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and an office and craft/sewing/hobby room. You decide. Two of the upstairs rooms open onto the covered balcony. From there you can see the beautiful rolling hills of Windmill Ranch. There's plenty of room upstairs to build more bedrooms and another bathroom. The Master bedroom is on the ground floor, with a large walk-in closet/storage area. The Master bathroom has a large, deep, triangular tub and separate shower w/hand grips. The on-demand propane water heater quickly provides hot water for soaking after a long day. The kitchen island has a granite top and the counters are tile. 2 Story Hm Barn 40 Acres Horses OK Kingman AZ! The Refrigerator, which is included, is powered by propane, as is the oven/stove. There's also a propane heater in the kitchen, and one in the living room. Upstairs is heated by pellet stove. When needed, the home is cooled in the summer by evaporative cooler, window units, and ceiling fans. This Off-grid home is powered by 13 solar panels and propane. The Property Owners' Association maintains the roads. The private Well fills the 2,200 Gal tank on the hill behind the home, and gravity helps to bring water to the home. The garage is propane powered. And there's more! A 24' X 30' barn!! This could be a fantastic mini ranch. Many places to ride your horses; especially Arizona State Trust Land immediately to the West of the parcel. Only takes an inexpensive permit to enjoy 640 Acres! 2 Story Hm Barn 40 Acres Horses OK Kingman AZ! <br>